VALUATIONS In our opinion there are four types of valuations

1) VALUATION - For insurance companies
This is a full written description of a jewellery item, tea service, silver wear, etc. The items have to be left with us for inspection. COST-£15.00 + 1% of the total value of your goods.
It is possible to have the valuation completed on the same day, if the appropriate member of staff is available to do the valuation, if not it could take several days.

2) VALUATION - Original purchase price of your item.
For example, you could have bought the item at a car boot sale or inherited the item.


3) VALUATION - To sell the item for cash
Probate. We purchase all gold & silver items, please call in for a FREE ESTIMATE there is no obligation.


4) VALUATION - If you have lost or had your items stolen.
We charge £10.00 for a written valuation from your verbal description of your items. For example: travel insurance claims or house insurance claims. If you or the insurance company reimburse ourselves with your claim we will refund the £10.00 paid.